Finissage // The Boy’s Epithet Was Magic Tigre – Billie Hanne

19H – 22H
@ Pok,
207 Rue Blaes,
1000 Bruxelles
—>  Performance by Billie Hanne
Salon: Drop in, bring a book, sit beside someone, read some lines, dream out loud, listen, drink wine. Poetry and Music salon hosted by Barbara Pereyra, dancer and twinkle eyed magician.
Presentation at POK of poetry editions by Billie Hanne

Billie Hanne composes dance and poetry in instant choreographies, provocative poetics in the spur of the moment, in the realm of vision and instinct.
She retrieves and examines human intimacy with space, time, object and light. The body. Through radical handling of poetics and danc
e she weaves nature’s sophistication into different textures, tales and geometrics that penetrate skill with grace and lyrical power with rhythm. She builds simple sets in natural or theatre spaces, galleries or specific sites, often working with daylight as well as artificial light. By simple manipulation or placement of object and basic lighting designs she transforms a space and inhabits the evocation with choreography and verse.

She has written four poetry albums: ‘Saved/Unsaved. The Rainbow’ (2012), ‘Wild Flight’ (2013), ‘John’ (2014) and ‘Poems’ (2016)

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